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My First (Real) Planner Books!

So to kick off my new blog I’m going to start by posting these gorgeous new planners that I’ve had for a minute now but never really gotten to doddle on them yet. I feel like they are too pretty to actually be written on! Being the thrift shopper that I am, these are BOTH actually second hand goodies at Carousell HK a local handy-dandy shopping app. Now the larger one is practically brand new, this beauty is an A5 planner by “”. Fully customizable, there are no specific year or dates in the monthly, weekly, daily inserts that came with it which is good! Can’t wait to fill those pages up! And the smaller one is an A6 “Kikki” planner that is actually dated back in 2018 but not a biggie cause I have inserts on the way as well as some DIY printable ones I will be working on soon.

For someone who has a lot of her plate on a daily basis, and I mean ALOT. Planners are literally my LIFE. I just cannot function without one. I used to save reminders & random notes with alarms on my phone but it’s just not the same with actually jotting them down. I’m the type of person who would make random memos on practically anything & literally everything because my mom brain just can’t hack it no more. Others may find it ridiculous but what can I say? I like being organized.

Do you own a Planner? Any tips for a newbie? Feel free to share with me!

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